Rincon Beach Estates


Villas Costaneras (VC) YouTube Video

Villas Costaneras will consist of fourteen three level apartment villas, each with separate terraces. They are located within the gated community of Rincon Beach Estates.  All the villas are located in close proximity to Villa Rincon.  The villas will have a main access road so you can arrive at your roofed parking space and walk into your 2-bedroom apartment.

Villas will feature 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, open kitchen, roofed terrace, open terrace, laundry room, parking space, storage space and average a very large 288 sq. meters or 3000 sq. feet with approximately half enclosed living space and half terrace/ open space.  The lower level apartments will have a garden replacing terrace.

The Villas Costaneras social area will be situated at the far end of the first built complex closest to the beach.  It is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the view, ocean breeze, and convenient beach access.  There is a covered area which provides an excellent location for organized events and gatherings along with a soothing infinity pool available for the enjoyment of all club members. Members enjoy access to the Villas Costaneras social area as well as access to any other designated common areas within Rincon Beach Estates.  Amenities included in the social area will be long lap swimming pool, hot tub, gym, yoga area, view deck, barbeque area, and beach access.

Villas Costaneras is situated on the Gulf of Chiriqui, Pacific Ocean in the province of Chiriqui, Panama's Western most provinces. The Gulf of Chiriqui includes Coiba Island and Hannibal Bank, known for some of the best sport fishing in the Pacific, as well as Isla Montousa, Isla Ladrones, Isla Secas, Isla Parida.  Coiba National Park is a 430,825-acre park that encompasses 38 islands and their surrounding waters.

Rincon Beach Estates occupies a 200 acre ocean front site adjacent to thousands of acres of breathtaking countryside and Pacific Ocean coastline at the mouth of a major estuary with miles and miles of rivers and navigable streams to explore via kayak or small boat.  With many acres of virgin forests, as well as reforestation areas of teak, African Mahogany and Caribbean pine trees, parks for relaxing, trails for hiking/biking or horseback riding, an equestrian center, a helipad, a boat launch and pier, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Panama, is truly a world away.

When you purchase property in Villas Costaneras or Rincon Beach Estates you become a member of the Istana Club, for which annual dues are assessed. These dues cover the cost of maintaining the common areas including beaches and trails, providing security, garbage collection and disposal, road maintenance, electrical system repairs, accounting costs, legal fees, taxes, and membership fees to access the privately owned facilities provided to all property owners. Members of the Istana Club are entitled to use most facilities without additional charges, however, dry dock boat storage, horseback riding, stabling and feeding o f horses, room rentals, food, beverages, and some other activities or consumption incur fees which are the responsibility of the property owner.  A copy of the co-ownership regulations is available on request.

The nearest villages are Horconcitos & Boca Chica. Nearby Boca Chica offers multiple professional fishing charters, sailing, lodging & restaurant choices as well as a host of eco- tourism related activities and transportation to the offshore islands.  Pristine beaches and luxurious developments & homes are sprinkled throughout the islands.   An onshore marina storage complex and dive center has a boat ramp, fuel facility and boat storage complex, dive equipment & dive charters available.

David, population 150,000 is the second largest city in Panama & offers modern medical, state of the art shopping malls, a regional airport now hosting 3 flights daily from Panama City with Air Panama and Copa Airlines.  The airport is scheduled to host international flights in the future with infrastructure in place.  A new, 4 lane highway from David is under construction and will make the trip a breeze when completed.

The tropical Savannah climate makes the average temperature around 28C (82F) and we have approximately 100 inches of rainfall per year.