Rincon Beach Estates

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Sale or Lease of Property Platforms for Master-Planned Resort by Sections…
OR Total Package estimated at 1,000 Acres

About Rincon Beach Estates (RBE)

The owner of this gated community is from Texas and Oklahoma. After years of working over-seas in Asia he first visited the power house of Central and South America…Panama in 2002. Looking for property that reminded him of parts of Asia where he had spent much of his adult life working, he found Boca Chica, Panama and bought roughly 1,200 acres and called it Istana Properties. With designs of it being a family compound, he was enticed to develop a 200-acre parcel on the oceanfront and rivers edge at the Rincon River, soon to be named Rincon Beach Estates.

Beach Estates and Boca Chica are now only a short drive from David, Panama in Chiriquí Province due to the construction of 4 lanes on the Pan-American Highway. The Enrique Malek International Airport is in the second largest city in Panama. The airport was recently remodeled and is ready for International flights. There are daily flights from Panama City to David and their airport is now under a major expansion program.

On a clear day you can see Coiba Island to one side and Isla Parida on the other. There's a smaller island, Isla Venado, where you can swim and fish for lobsters. Farther offshore you have some of the world’s best sportfishing and for those familiar with this sport, Hannibal Bank and more are close by. There are days of world class activities within an hour’s travel. From the sportfishing at the Hannibal Bank, to touring local rainforests in the Serranía de Tabasará (central mountain range) at 4,000 feet above sea level, there is something for everyone.

Panama is a multi-cultural nation and is renowned for its banking and favorable tax laws. Their financial system is based on the US dollar and English is widely spoken. The Panamanian Government has recognized the importance of tourism to their economy. The government has created an atmosphere which welcomes marine and tourism industry growth and development by simplifying the regulations for obtaining concessions, gathering permits, and registering assets/property as well as the modernization of infrastructure as seen in the widening of the Pan American Highway and Canal along with airport construction and expansion.

Now looking at more commercial development within, we will focus on services required of themed communities, tourist interests, and the community at large. Marine development is being explored and will be tailored to support both the local boater and international traveler. All through this growth it will be about our neighbors as well and building the quality of life for all within and around the project.

On the following pages, please review just a few ideas for residential and commercial development participation within RBE review options listed below and contact us today for more details.

Participation Options

Option #1:

Boca Chica Plantation Club & Resort, now called Villa Rincon (VR) is sitting on an available section of Lot 48 and is for sale @ $1,500,000.00 US. It is now for rent as a private home and not in hotel format. With a good marketing plan it will be a source of ROI when not in use by the owner(s). Surrounding property is available for purchase and expansion of Villa Rincon (VR).

Villa Rincon (VR) YouTube Video

  • Location: within Istana Properties for Rincon Beach Estates in Boca Chica, Chirqui Province, Panama
  • 1 hour drive from David’s Enrique Malek International Airport (soon to be about 45 minutes)
  • Bedrooms: 5 master suites w/full baths, 1 bedroom w/single bed shared bath
  • Baths: 2 Guest bathrooms ground floor / men’s & ladies
  • Chef / Maid quarters: 1 Bedroom with Full Bath
  • Build area: 750 m2 / 8,073 sq. ft.
  • Property: 1 hectare / 2.47 acres

Property Description:

This luxurious boutique resort is located on titled lot of 2.47 acres and has a tremendous view of the Rincon River, Pacific Ocean and mountains. The resort has 5 suites, each suite consisting of a bedroom, sitting area and stylish bathroom. An additional room on the ground level can be used for either an office/ reception or a sixth bedroom. A spacious conference room/living room, professional kitchen, cozy wine bar and spacious dining room give guests ample choices for entertaining, dining and relaxing.

The professional kitchen, pantry and laundry rooms are located adjacent to the Chef/Maid’s quarters and complete a well-designed and appointed luxury home. Together with the large, quality-appointed bedrooms with sitting areas and beautiful bathrooms this is a spacious and elegant mansion-style destination. The Resort was professionally decorated and is fully furnished with pieces imported from the USA.

Property Features:

  • 24-hour security
  • Gated Community on Titled Property
  • Fully furnished and operational for rent by the week, month, year
  • Infinity pool
  • Professional kitchen set up
  • Commercial appliances, 6 burners stove w/oven, 2 microwaves, triple door refrigerator
  • Walk-in Pantry
  • Laundry & equipment room
  • Chef/Maid’s quarters with full bathroom
  • Office/reception/6th bedroom possibility
  • Formal salon/ living Room
  • Formal dining room with wet bar
  • Covered terrace, outdoor furniture, tables & chairs for light meals and relaxing, additional verandas with some suites
  • Backyard / Patio
  • Air conditioning in bedrooms and dining room
  • Storage areas
  • Satellite TV
  • Barbeque & smoker
  • Internet
  • Ocean, river and mountain views from all vantage points
  • Heliport
  • Circular driveway
  • Paved Parking
  • Additional property available for purchase if expansion of Villa Rincon is desired in a master-planned resort
  • Additional photo files available upon request


Option # 2:

Villas Costanares – Lot 47 For Sale @ $2,000,000.00 US with construction underway along with deposits for additional units. This site is a two-minute walk to Villa Rincon.

Villas Costaneras (VC) YouTube Video


Spacious Villas, terraces, club facilities and pristine beachfront in Boca Chica, Chriqui Province, Panama, construction is ongoing with building one about 75% complete and more photos are on the website.

  • Price includes Lot 47 and developing condo project
  • Property size Lot 47 is 18,302.62 square meters / 1.83 hectares / 4.52 acres
  • Location: Boca Chica, Chiriqui Province, Panama within Istana Properties
  • Appraisal for Lot 47 was $915,131.00 US
  • Size of Condos: 286 -298 sq. meters
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Baths: 2
  • Garage / with storage locker
  • Outdoor living deck system
  • Social area with lap pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor furniture, gas grill, exercise room, yoga area, beach access to Rincon River and beachfront at the Pacific Ocean

Location: Boca Chica, Panama in the Chriqui Province in NW Panama; site set in project designated as Rincon Beach Estates on Lot 47 overlooking the Rincon River, Pacific Ocean and mountain range to the east.

Deposits held for additional unit sales: 2A sold at $300K (this buyer considering 2B) and 3B sold at $245K

Mortgage/monies owed for settlement at closing: NET Total: $1,015,759.00 US

The Offer:

  • $2,000,000.00 US buys all shares, pays bank loan, construction debit paid at closing and unit 1B and 1C owned by Gary & Broc Elmore respectively along with unit 1A owned by Brad Schreiber remain in each owners possession
  • Owner of lot 47 holds the mortgage and is open to discussion for continued financing
  • Included:
    1. Design / architectural drawings
    2. All architects fees are paid
    3. Permitting paid for building 2
    4. Local Gov’t & Fed Gov’t fees paid for building 1, social area/building
    5. Landscaping
    6. Social area is almost completed and operational with water & electric, outdoor furniture, grill, exercise equipment, pool still under construction, sprinkler system, grass cutting and shrub in place and all is maintained by Property Owner Association (POA) which collects $1,500.00 US per year in fees
    7. Unit 1B and 1C owned by the developers and 1A closed and owned by a family from Texas
    8. Building 2 unit 2a is sold along with unit 3B in building 3 and all sales and profits go to the new developer
    9. All sales, all profits go to new owner for units with deposits

Villas Costaneras will consist of fourteen three level apartment villas, each with separate terraces. They are located within the gated community of Rincon Beach Estates. All the villas are located in close proximity to Villa Rincon. The villas will have a main access road so you can arrive at your roofed parking space and walk into your 2 bedroom apartment.

Villas will feature 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, open kitchen, roofed terrace, open terrace, laundry room, parking space, storage space and average a very large 288 sq. meters or 3000 sq. feet with approximately half enclosed living space - half terrace/open space. The lower level apartments will have a garden replacing terrace.

The Villas Costaneras social area will be situated at the far end of the first built complex closest to the beach. It is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the view, ocean breeze, and convenient beach access. There is a covered area which provides an excellent location for organized events and gatherings along with a soothing infinity pool available for the enjoyment of all club members. Members enjoy access to the Villas Costaneras social area as well as access to any other designated common areas within Rincon Beach Estates. Amenities included in the social area will be long lap swimming pool, hot tub, gym, yoga area, view deck, bbq area, and beach access.

Villas Costaneras is situated on the Gulf of Chiriqui, Pacific Ocean in the province of Chiriqui,Panama's Western most provinces. The Gulf of Chiriqui includes Coiba Island and Hannibal Bank, known for some of the best sport fishing in the Pacific, as well as Isla Montousa, Isla Ladrones, Isla Secas, Isla Parida. Coiba National Park is a 430,825 acre park that encompasses 38 islands and their surrounding waters.

Rincon Beach Estates occupies a 200 acre ocean front site adjacent to thousands of acres of breathtaking countryside and Pacific Ocean coastline at the mouth of a major estuary with miles and miles of rivers and navigable streams to explore via kayak or small boat. With many acres of virgin forests, as well as reforestation areas of teak, African Mahogany and Caribbean pine trees, parks for relaxing, trails for hiking/biking or horseback riding, an equestrian center, a helipad, a boat launch and pier, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Panama, is truly a world away.

When you purchase property in Villas Costaneras or Rincon Beach Estates you become a member of the Istana Club, for which annual dues are assessed. These dues cover the cost of maintaining the common areas including beaches and trails, providing security, garbage collection and disposal, road maintenance, electrical system repairs, accounting costs, legal fees, taxes, and membership fees to access the privately owned facilities provided to all property owners. Members of the Istana Club are entitled to use most facilities without additional charges, however, dry dock boat storage, horseback riding, stabling and feeding of horses, room rentals, food, beverages, and some other activities or consumption incur fees which are the responsibility of the property owner. A copy of the co-ownership regulations is available on request.

The nearest villages are Horconcitos & Boca Chica. Nearby Boca Chica offers multiple professional fishing charters, sailing, lodging & restaurant choices as well as a host of eco-tourism related activities and transportation to the offshore islands. Pristine beaches and luxurious developments & homes are s prinkled throughout the islands. An onshore marina storage complex and dive center has a boat ramp, fuel facility and boat storage complex, dive equipment & dive charters available.

David, population 150,000 is the second largest city in Panama & offers modern medical, state of the art shopping malls, a regional airport now hosting 3 flights daily from Panama City with Air Panama and Copa Airlines. The airport is scheduled to host international flights in the future with infrastructure in place. A new, 4 lane highway from David is under construction and will make the trip a breeze when completed.

The tropical Savannah climate makes the average temperature around 28C (82F) and we have approximately 100 inches of rainfall per year.


Option #3:

Rincon Beach Estates with 200 acres 233 Master-planned lots for sale @ $3,500,000.00 US Located within Istana Properties in Boca Chica, Province of Chriqui, Panama on the west bank of the Rincon River and Pacific Ocean; see image below showing Rincon Beach Estates. in the lower right hand corner.

All is within walking distance of the river front and ocean front or just minutes by golf cart. This master planned community is:

  • Accessible by air, sea and road
  • Heliport is ready at Villa Rincon more planned within community
  • Environmental impact study in place
  • 1 hour drive from David’s Enrique Malek International Airport (soon to be about 45 minutes)
  • Fly to Panama City and connect to David; International flights to David in a couple more years
  • 4 lane highway from David is expected to be complete by early 2017
  • 24 hour security
  • Gated community
  • Titled property with title insurance available
  • 200 acres
  • 233 lots in master plan, not all lots have been segregated at this time
  • Lots range in size from 1,500 sq. mtrs. / 1/3 acre to 10,000 sq. mtrs. / 2.5 acres
  • 44 lots sold
  • 22 homes built
  • Fresh drinking water from your tap
  • The project has ocean, river and mountain views
  • Beachfront lots and river front lots with back lots moments by golf cart to the water
  • Boat Storage and ramp for center consoles
  • Miles of river and estuary to explore plus limited ocean access
  • Internet available
  • Satellite TV available
  • Underground Utilities and fresh water from the tap
  • HOA fees $1500 per year and $600 collected from sold lots with no homes to keep the curb appeal in place
  • Lawn care available
  • Private wells installed by lot owners supply for their sprinkler systems
  • Trash collection
  • Community pool soon to be available at Villas Costaneras
  • Shopping for all items in David with limited groceries nearby
  • Balance on loan due at closing of $1,300,000.00 US plus closing cost
  • Lot sales ongoing

Rincon Beach Estates is located at the bottom right or SE corner on the map below.



Option #4:

Lot 49 for sale at $2,000,000.00 US with 28,192.92 sq. meters / 6.97 acres and this lot is in a cluster with Villas Costaneras and Villa Rincon and all sit in the Northeast corner of the Rincon Beach Estates site.

This lot holds the community water tank supplied by a local well and is a revenue generator. It is reported there is a fresh water river under the property and existing wells produce a little over 60 gallons per minute. There are additional wells ready if there should be any issues. This lot has great views and would be a great addition to a “resort within the resort”.

This lot also has river access via estuaries at the mangroves. It is believed this area can be exploited with an environmental friendly plan per the government for use as a tour area for paddleboards, kayaks and bass tracker type fishing boats for “managed – licensed fishing”.


Option #5:

Lot 50, sits just behind Villas Costanares at lot 47, is for sale @ $2,000,000.00 US with 33,964.24 sq. meters / 8.39 acres sits at the highest point in the Rincon Beach Estates community. This lot is about 85 feet above sea level and has unobstructed views 360 degrees of:

  • Rincon River
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Mountain range to the east
  • Villa Rincon
  • Villas Costaneras
  • Lot 49
  • Much of Istana property that continues to the north
  • Vulcan Baru many days
  • Night lights of David and Bouqete

Option #6:

Buy all “options 1 thru 5” for $10,500,000.00 US and develop this section as the anchor for a “resort within a resort”. All lots and property have title insurance and ownership was challenged years ago and all was found to have “clean titles”. Your view here is:

Image below shows:

  • Center left is Villa Rincon on lot 47
  • Center and to right of Villa Rincon on lot 48 is additional property available for Villa Rincon expansion
  • The smaller home to the left of the available property for Villa Rincon expansion is lot 52 is not for sale
  • Top piece of raw land upper center closer to the river is lot 50
  • To the left of lot 50 is lot 49 with the water tank and viewing area people use for photographs and bird watching over the mangroves
  • To the far right of lot 52, the home not for sale, that raw land next to the river is lot 47 and site of Villas Costaneras
  • Top of photo is the River Rincon with entrance to Pacific Ocean, and mountain range looking to the north and east

Option #7:

Hermosa platform for marina resort, village and marina…mixed use. Undeveloped land package estimated at 1,653,518 sq. meters / 178 hectares / 425 acres for sale for $11,575,000 US.

  • Hermosa is a 1,653,518 M2 property that has ocean frontage with Ocean/Mountain & Island views with development potential for:
    • Waterfront Lots & Estate Lots
    • Ocean View Villa Lots
    • Mountain View Villa Lots
    • Hotel/Marina/Resort/Shopping Complex
  • Hermosa has 1 kilometer Ocean Frontage
  • Hermosa has Direct Public Road Access
  • Utilities easily accessible from Public Road
  • Includes Small Villa with 2 Bedrooms / 1 Bath



Option #8:

Johan/Jared Ranchland with African Mahogany and Teak Reforestation - Casitas de Vaqueros / Villa Montana / Villa Doris / Equestrian Center and undeveloped/reforested land package estimated at 1,700,340 sq. meters / 170 hectares / 420 acres for Sale @ $5,100,000.00 US.

Casitas De Vaqueros

Casitas De Vaqueros

Villa Montana

Villa Doris

Equestrian Center

Tack Rooms


Equipment Shop



Johan/Jared is a 1,700,340 sq. meter property that has Ocean/Mountain views, reforestation areas of African Mahogany and Teak trees, and significant infrastructure that includes:

  • Villa Montana – Guesthouse with 5 Bedrooms/6 Baths
  • Casitas de Vaqueros – Two Cottages, each with 1 Bedroom/1 Bath
  • Villa Doris – Owner’s residence with 4 Bedrooms/4Baths
  • Bunk room for 40 employees and separate building with employee kitchen
  • Rancho with full Kitchen, 2 Baths, Storage Room, Covered Patio
  • Equestrian center with 16 Horse Stables / Tack Rooms / 4 Paddocks / Riding Area
  • Equipment Shop with 6 parking bays for cars, light duty trucks and or equipment
  • Secure Storage Shop / Garage
  • Oil change ramp for light duty equipment and vehicles
  • All tools, equipment and machinery to maintain the property will remain

Short Video Files:

Villa Montana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wJwqkjWw4k

Villa Montana Rental: https://www.vrbo.com/907494

Casitas de Vaqueros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80jeNnJSI2Q

Casitas de Vaqueros Rental: https://www.vrbo.com/910623#!

Option #9:

The Istana project with all options listed totaling about 1,000 acres is for sale as a whole @ $23,500,000 US and also includes:

  1. Equestrian center with 4 pastures, bunk room for 40 employees and kitchen
  2. Secured Shop plus 6 parking bays for cars, light duty trucks and or equipment
  3. Secure Storage shed
  4. Oil change ramp for light duty equipment and vehicles
  5. 4-bedroom home of about 1800 sq. feet air conditioned space with large covered porch
  6. All tools, equipment and machinery to maintain the property
  7. Marina potential in protected cove with over 3,500 feet at water’s edge
  8. All property has been surveyed by present owner and title insurance is in place

Villa Montana (VM) YouTube Video

Casitas de Vaqueros (CV) YouTube Video